Monday, 3 July 2017

How to Select Concaves for Combines Suited to Crops and Conditions?

Selection of correct configuration, the performance of combines on variety of conditions and crops rises to an ultimate limits. With high-strength concaves for combines, farmers can thresh and separate crops easily. They can choose from those that are small wired, large wired and round bar. The small wire work best for canola and average for sunflower seeds, but not preferable for rice, popcorn, milo, food corn, sorghum, wheat, barley or small grains, on the other hand the large wires ones are best for milo/sorghum, sunflower but not canola.

The round bar works averagely on wheat, small grains and barley, and canola and best for soybeans, corn and popcorn. The aftermarket combine concaves, which have large wire, are not recommended for greater than twenty-five percent moisture corn. The leafy material and matting of green reduce the separation capacity here. You can get the optional threshing inserts for it to improve the threshing ability in tough threshing conditions and varieties.

Large Wire and Round-bar Concaves for Combines

The optional threshing inserts are needed in first concave to enhance threshing capacity with that along for second and third concaves for combines, which is recommended for damp, tough, and hard-to-thresh scenarios only. It is recommended to remove every other wire to get the best grain quality output. On the other hand, the round bar ones is standard equipments and used in specialty crops like food corn and edible beans.

These offer maximum grain productivity and quality during harvest protocol and allow versatility to harvest cereal grain crops when teamed with aftermarket combine concave and inserts. The extended-wear yield high outputs on any condition. Insert bars can be utilized for harvesting small grains in this case. Depending on which crop you want to harvest and the season or weather at hand, you will be able to decide the perfect concaves needed.

You can even buy protection covers and plates for it. The large wire ones can eliminate the need to change concaves or buy additional set of the same. These are best for grower’s operation. If it is not manufactured for extended wear life, it can be made durable. The process includes penetration of the surface with a later of wear resistant material, which is hard and thus, extending life up to twice as long.

Here is how you can ensure to keep combines loses to a minimum:

1. Adjust the fan speed where seed is beginning to blow over. You must check for leaks as well. It is not necessary that loses on concaves for combines occur only at back end. Before adjusting spacing and speed, check for holes or cracks at shoe seals, feeder house, separator covers, grain tank etc.

2. Open the sieve and chaffer settings as wide as possible. Check for combine operators manual and look for settings if these are arranged in specific ranges or not. Observe if there is any loss in between each adjustment or not. If the settings are automated, then give it a trial run and see for losses.

3. Do not over thresh otherwise small piece will drop in sieve and reduce the airflow causing increased wastage. Cracked seed is another sign of over threshing.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

8 Popular John Deere Concaves and Their Features Explained

Crop producers always depend on good quality harvest and to improve daily operations, they prefer employing John Deere concaves to maximize yields. There are many types of combine concaves by JD. Some of the varieties are listed below along with their specifications.

1. The Fan Support Bracket from S series

It eliminates airflow to dead spots in chaffer and provides better air control on JD ‘S’ series for combine shoe. The fan brackets move to position of separator fan, so that the wind settings are easier to adjust.

2. Bottom Sieve Extension from S series  

These are non-adjustable yet can dramatically reduce amount of clean grains that go back through the returns. It also lessens amount of return material and overloading of the return. The same matches to the length of chaffer.

3. Variable Stream Bars from STS series

Reducing white chaps when utilized with Precision Farm Parts concave (that can do without filler plates), the STS series of Variable Stream Bars has high capacity threshing bars for S-690, S-670, and S-680. It is known to lessen the amount of tailing.

It also reduces cylinder speed so that less horsepower is required, which increases fuel efficiency. These John Deere concaves improve ground speed by up to 2 mph and provide better samples in hard to thresh grains.

4. Feed Accelerator/Discharge Beater Of Sts, 9600, 9500, & 8820 Series

This has four-way reversible blades and bears enclosed design that eliminates cleanout for grain varieties. It takes less horsepower and extends pulley life. Doing away with feeder chain stress and broken/burnt drive belts, its staggered blades can smoothly tear bunches apart and uniformly feed the rotor.

5. Removable Feed Lip Of Sts Series

These can be configured to any harvesting conditions. It bolts up so that feed lip and can be moved from a concave to another.

6. Discharge Beater Speed-Up Kit Of Sts Series

It can be installed within 20 to 30 minutes, and allows instantaneous recovery of engine speed after reduction in RPMs.  With Kevlar cord belt and heavy-duty pulley, it can improve the transfer of material from cylinder to straw walkers without any slugging.

It lessens walker loss, straw breakage and chafer loading. The same features are shared by the 9500 & 9600 series — BEATER SPEED-UP KIT, while the John Deere Concaves 8820 series — BEATER SPEED-UP KIT has the ability to optimize straw produce through smaller pulley for the beater.

7. Li’l Brute Concaves Of Sts Series  

It is sturdy and lightweight and does not lose shape even after years of use. Being of heavy duty with half-size concave, it takes six to replace the three OEM concaves. The bolt at the front feed lip and 1/4″ wires assist in switching concaves to extend wear. One can use the extra narrow concaves for controlling white caps. The wire spacing is available in four types of width- narrow, wide, extra narrow and corn.

8. White Cap Kit From Sts Series

Here, the partial and whole heads pass through prior to being threshed. It plugs the crack at rotor’s right hand side where cage and concave meets.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How Combine harvester Is Helpful In Agriculture?

The most crucial part of the year for a farmer is during the time of harvesting. The intense labor and hard work all adds up to the final step which would be the harvesting of the crops. If you own farm land you must know the importance of a combine harvester. A combine harvester reaps, threshes and winnows the crops all within a single machine. These three activities combined together make up the process of harvesting hence suggesting its name as a Combine harvester.

When the crops are cut by the header fixed in the harvester, the cut crops travel from the header to the thrasher via a conveyor and is fed into the rotating threshing drums. These drums consist of grooved steel bars which are bolted to the other curved surfaces of said drums to form a cylindrical shape. These grooved bars separate the grains and chaff from the straw through this rotating action of the drum against the concave which also consists of steel bars and a meshed grill. The grain and smaller debris fall, whereas the straw, being too long, is carried through onto the straw walkers. This action helps separate the grain from the straw because grains are heavier than the straw, which causes the straw to fall rather than remain stagnant in the concave.

The necessity to have high quality combine parts

The distance between the drum and concave can be finely adjustable, to achieve optimum separation and output. If the thresher or the concave fails to perform the thresher would not be able to separate straw from grain which deteriorated the final goods quality. After the primary separation at the cylinder, the clean grain falls through the concave and to the shaft, which contains various sieves to filter out debris.

With all this frequent use, it is unavoidable to have wear and tear in the machinery. Estes performance concaves offer various combine tractor parts as well as various combine concaves. Having excellent combine harvester parts or combine concave becomes integral to the whole process of harvesting.

Why buying equipment online can be beneficial

If there isn't a quality provider within proximity, equipment can also be ordered online alternatively. The benefits would be

•    Ease of access

•    Vast and detailed information about the product

•    Doorstep delivery.

Buying from which are the manufacturers and distributors gives you a wide collection of combines, combine parts, combine concaves and various aftermarket combine concave products with the additional warranty that you might not get elsewhere.

Aftermarket products

You will purchase equipment based on what you require at the time. However, your requirements may change as your operation needs change, and that means upgrades to your farm machinery. Many Brands make aftermarket combine parts and attachments to upgrade the farm equipment you already have.

These additions include but are not limited to Driven and HID Lights, Toolbox, Accessory Mounting Bracket, Electrical extension and Wiper/Washer Kit and all these come under the category of aftermarket products. Having these farm equipment at hand not only lessens the manual labor but also marginally increases the quality and the productivity of the crops.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Find concaves for combines at An Affordable Cost

There's nothing more essential to us than keeping you up and running, particularly amid basic reaps times. The coolest season puts gigantic requests on your gear and surprising breakdowns or poor execution cost cash. With the season ahead, right now is an ideal opportunity to give your gatherer a full administration so it's prepared to go immediately. To reap to your product's maximum capacity you require the support of the John Deere dealership arrange focused on keeping your collector working at its maximum capacity. The concaves for combines has addressed all of Thrashing-Separating Issues in a better way. This area gives data on normally swapped wear parts for consolidating gatherers. Rules are given to the most proficient method to decide when these parts are worn and ought to be supplanted. 

The significance of supplanting worn parts on a join gatherer can't be overemphasized. Worn parts result in poor consolidate execution, lessening benefits. For instance, up to 80 percent of product misfortune can happen on the stage or the header zone of the joint. Regardless of whether you're collecting wheat, grain, rice, soybeans, corn, grain-sorghum, or different products, appropriate cutter bar or gatherer unit support and consistent substitution of worn parts will diminish misfortune and increment benefits.

Sustaining, sifting, and isolating execution is decreased if upkeep and substitution of worn parts are not done at the best possible time. Poor encouraging of material in the sifting range can bring about stopping, which can bring about chamber drive segment disappointment or deficient sifting. Worn sifting parts cause deficient sifting or grain harm when barrel speed is expanded to adjust for worn segments. Worn material-taking care of parts, for example, wood screws and lift oars, can bring about lessened join profitability.

Following quite a while of diligent work and arranging, gather is an ideal opportunity to receive the rewards. Try not to hazard your hardware speculation and your grain quality with reseller's exchange join concaves. Step toward enhanced outcomes with concaves from Koenig Equipment.

Concaves are an essential wear part, and our own's offer unrivaled fit and solidness for higher grain quality. Dissimilar to not very impressive choices, these concaves were made for your machine by the master builds behind it. The final product—you spare cash and lift benefits.

The preferred standpoint lies ahead of time plan and assembling. Produced using high carbon steel, our concaves include thicker cross bars, wires, side plates, and back props for more noteworthy sturdiness and longer life. We utilize the most recent automated welding, machining, and warm, treating advances to guarantee reliable measurements, a superior fit, and the most noteworthy quality sifting administration.

Not at all like concaves from secondary selling providers, our concaves meet Case IH sweep determinations, making it less demanding to zero cut your concaves while changing your collect settings. Utilizing concaves tuned to your consolidate will counteract weight on different regions of the join from expanded tailings returns or strainer over-burdening. In the wake of machining, we warm treat and altogether test the concaves for durable quality. An organizing, measuring machine investigation of the curved takes a large number of focusing to gauge 25 distinct elements—the most noteworthy in the business. This protects stringent resiliences and legitimate fit, while metallurgical examination decides out weld absconds that can bring about disfigurement even with stress or part disappointment.

On account of this top to bottom quality control, you can believe our concaves to help ensure, and improve your collect. Try not to relinquish grain quality with simply any concaves, visit Koenig Equipment and begin your gather right.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How Modern Farm Equipment Accelerates Production?

As the Internet propels us into another age of technology, almost every industry appears to have incorporated online aspects into their business technique. From sharing information, to reputation and systems administration; the Internet is taking over in almost every facet of business. Things are the same for the agricultural sector.

What do you require?

Most importantly, choose what kind of utilized farm hardware you require. Not each concave is capable of doing each task. Once you locate a fascinating offer, you certainly ought to take a gander at the hardware in person before you choose to buy. Make a rundown of questions that you might want to ask the vender, check if there is documentation and a proprietor's manual, and discover how the machine was maintained. Keep in mind to perceive how the concave starts, runs, and there is no inordinate smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Check the hour meter:

It is the age of utilized concaves as well as the working hours that are important. Decide whether there are any repairs or tire changes necessary in the near future. If yes, then attempt to negotiate the price with the merchant. Make beyond any doubt that the concave has all safety features, for example, rollover defensive structures (ROPS), PTO guards, lights, and seat belts.

Test Drive:

Ride and drive days are a staple of many major brands' plans of action. Discover john deere harvester online when the following one is and stay up with the latest with rescheduling or items that will be available for testing via the company website. Newsletters straight to your email inbox are the ideal way to stay educated as soon as the information winds up plainly available.

Online Sites:

Once you've found what you want, check arrangements of new and utilized gear catalogs and find where and when your next purchase is available. Buying exactly what you want has never been easier. Look at John Deere harvester and find where and when stock will be ready. Many companies are notwithstanding starting to offer the ability to demand hardware benefit online.


Stay up with the latest on the latest farming machinery, what's available and get information on what the best purchases are. Don't chance getting a dodgy concave; stay educated about gear quality and never have an uncertainty again. Discovering farming machinery online is the most ideal way to get unbiased opinions and an easy way to locate the best deals on new and utilized machinery, saving you time and money.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Moving On with the Best Concaves

Tough economic circumstances can take their toll on all areas of industry. As one of the greatest interests in day to day operations that you will make for your farm, finding affordable and reliable machinery and hardware to purchase can wind up saving you thousands. 

A reliable utilized machine warranty

Reviews are a conspicuous place to start. Most brands will put new product offerings on their websites with records that boast features and statistics; however you don't want to take a gander at their marketing to choose the best - you want to perceive what different customers have to say. A fast Google search will show what brands have been performing best as of late and whether that consolidate harvester you were taking a gander at is really all it is talked up to be. No one can speak more honestly about an item than the general population who purchased it.

Buying Parts

Farm concave parts can be obtained from various sources. It ought to be noticed that parts which don't follow strict quality rules in production, will probably break or even cause accidents. There is a large industry of parts manufacturing with substandard quality, and there are various issues which accompany these. Utilizing the finest parts will cost marginally more initially, however save money. Agriculture depends on consistent work. It a concave is broken for one day, it can be the difference between the harvest succeeding or failing.

What to keep in mind?

When buying farm concave parts, it is essential to utilize a company known for making things which are durable. Accidents have been caused from even a low grade jolt. Everyone in agriculture that claims a concave will require replacement parts sooner or later. It merits staying with a reliable provider that utilizations only top grade items like John Deere concaves. If there is not a quality provider near to, it merits going straightforwardly to the manufacturer's website. Nowadays all parts can be requested online and conveyed rapidly.


Farmers say that utilization a ton of heavy machinery like concaves will profit by hitting up a relationship with a parts representative. This will give access to latest improvements in john deere concaves, which can lead to saving money by replacing labor with machinery. Staying abreast of advancements also allows farmers the chance to upgrade existing machinery with superior parts. For example this could be more powerful mechanics, or add-on tools for concaves to end up multi-reason machines.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Upgrade Agricultural Equipment With Productivity Parts And Attachments

When you buy agricultural gear, you will probably make your purchase based on what you require at the time. However, your requirements may change as your operation changes, and that means upgrades to your farm gear. Many Brands make performance parts and attachments to upgrade the farm tractors you already have. If you didn't know this gear is available, then consider the options underneath. You can easily get them through your John Deere combine.

Driven and HID Lights

Driven offers broad improvements over standard halogen lights, these new knobs will last about 44 times the life of a standard globule. Additionally, the shading temperature mirrors the warm shades of the sun, so they are significantly easier on your eyes. Another lighting option is HID. They are considered top of the line for yield and performance. They have a longer life than halogen knobs and are easy to install.


If you have inconvenience staying aware of your tools and small bits of gear, a few dealers makes a rough toolbox that is ideal for storing hand tools on a tractor. It is weather resistant so you don't have to stress over the components damaging your tools after some time.

Accessory Mounting Bracket

You will probably need to incorporate into cab monitors in your farm tractors to guarantee you are getting the most production out of your hardware and yields, and then this accessory mounting bracket is an absolute necessity. It mounts to ROPs and it is extremely stable and durable. Because it keeps the monitors off the seat or floor, it will free up more space in your cab.

Electrical extension

This electrical extension incorporates 6 different outlets and gives you 12-volts and up to 30 amps of force. It incorporates two different settings: always on and key control with the goal that you can set it up in your tractor as required.

Wiper/Washer Kit

Why would it be advisable for you to have to stop working if perceivability gets bad? Your tractor can be outfitted with windshield wipers and washer systems. Thus you can enhance perceivability. This is useful for two or three reasons. It will enhance profitability and it will make handle work safer.

As your farm develops, your requirement for gear enhancements will develop as well. Utilizing John Deere combine to upgrade parts and accessories, you can make beyond any doubt your gear develops with you to keep your operation running at peak effectiveness to get the most out of your venture.