Sunday, 13 May 2018

Get Best Concaves from Estes Performance Concaves

Farming is the most important activity in the whole world. There are large numbers of farmers those give their all-time to harvesting. They use lots of machines and equipment to produce maximum production. Harvesting plays a vital role in a crops field. It is most important time for the farmers to cut and collect the crop from the field. They use the crops for selling to the grain dealers and some crops for personal use. Every farmer wants more productivity with minimum wastage. So, if you want to produce more crops then, it is possible by installing concaves for combines. Threshing, Winnowing, and Reaping is the following three steps perform by a combine that helps you to grow more products. 

With the help of concaves, the risk of loss of yield will reduce and you will get maximum outputs. By using combine harvesting machine, you can harvest all kind of crop like soya bean, wheat, corn, maize, oats, etc. The combine harvesting machine performs their job in three steps that help you to maximize your production with less wastage. When you use combine harvesting machines then, you can save your lots of money than any other ordinary harvest machine. So, if you want to purchase best concave machine then, Estes performance concave is the right place for you. This is an online store that provides every type of combine machines with top quality and leading brands.

The main part of concaves for combines is farmer can produce maximum crops with less wastage. They can harvest any type of crop like rice, wheat, oats, flex, etc. By using this machine you can develop your harvesting to a new level. As you all know that technology and innovation become very advanced in these days. So, with the help of technology, you will get a chance to use combine machine. You can work with these machines for more than 5000+hours. The machine consumes less fuel and has more capacity to produce crops than any other ordinary machines.

Why combine concaves are best?

• Flexibility - the main benefits of concave for combines harvesting machine is that you can harvest any type of crop. The machine helps you to improve your productivity and produce maximum crops with minimum wastage.

More capacity - these harvesting systems have 30% to 40% more capacity than any other ordinary harvesting system. So, it is proved that you can produce more at one time.

• Affordable - if you want to buy these machines then, there is no need to pay high amount because the price of the machine is very reasonable. So, you can easily afford this.

• Time-saving - you can save your maximum time when you use these harvesting machines.

• Reliable - due to the advancement of technology and innovation, these machines are more reliable than any other ordinary machines.

• Less maintenance - you have no need to take care of more maintenance because the machines work long-lasting even less maintenance.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Get The Best Of The Produce With Concaves

Farmers encounter a lot of trouble when it comes to harvesting a crop. Harvesting a crop from the field is a hard task and most people avoid it doing manually. The farmers do hire skilled labor for the purpose of harvesting the sowed crop. The changing weather conditions do increase the effort and trouble of the overall farming process.

Harvest is the most important part of the entire farming process as the entire crop can be destroyed if the harvest goes wrong. The main reason for harvest going wrong is the use of bad tools or improper working of many farmers. However, there are several machines available that do work in making the farmer’s life easier. Among all the available machines, combines are the best.

Combines do add a new feature to the harvesting and allow you to take your harvesting processes to the next level. Many farmers do feel that they are not getting the most out of their crops and this is where Concave for combines do come in to help you. The Concave do come with different types of bars and wires. They are classified to diverse grain sizes allowing you to get the one that suits your needs. Concaves for combines also aid in the threshing process by improving it without any trouble. One must understand the working of the Concave in order to get the best performance from the Concave for combines.

Any wrong concave setting can damage your threshing cylinder as well as the concave itself. It is important to know about the combine as well as the attached concave in order to get more benefit from both machines.

Simplify the harvest process with the help of combines available for harvesting the crop present on the field. Presence of such machines is a boon for the farmers and aids in increasing the productivity at a significant rate. Tackle all the issues related to the harvest of the crop sowed by you through the help of these combines available for assistance. Get complete control over the harvesting process and assure yourself of getting the expected produce within the determined time period. These machines are easier to handle allowing the farmer to operate them without any trouble encountered.

The diverse offering of concaves allows the farmer to get best results with ease. Get the increment in the performance that a cost that is quite low and delivers the same experience with more profit. The concaves do allow you to get the produce more than the optimum level to get more income as well as gain from the farming process. Harvest easily with combines regardless of time and location.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

What No One Tells You About Aftermarket Combine Concaves

There is no doubt in the fact that farmers are the most hardworking people across the globe. It is their hard work owing to which humanity gets the prerequisite food across the different countries. They work hard throughout the year in order to ensure healthy crops for us. Recently, multiple agricultural machines have come up that plays an indispensable role in making the work of the farmers simple and easy. The aftermarket combine concaves are recognized to be such machines which help in making the life of a farmer simpler by boosting their productivity. This provides assistance to the farmers to harvest different types of crops such as maize, oats, soya bean, flex. Such machines are known to operate in 3 primary steps which include Winning, followed by Threshing, Reaping. Farmers who need to grow and maintain a wide assortment of crops to meet the demands of huge food supply opt for these machines in order to harvest them without any hassles. Thus, these machines play an indispensable role in enhancing the productivity.

What are After Combine Harvesters

After Combine Harvesters contribute to being highly demanded agricultural machines which are considered to be crucial to harvest a wide array of crops at ease. In different normal combine harvesters, it is essential to alter the concaves crop to crop. This leads to a significant loss of time and money. After combine concaves are considered to be a better option which works for almost all crops. It plays a crucial role in making the life of a farmer much simple as they do not require changing the cave every now and then. Different agricultural methods like winnowing, reaping, threshing become easier with these machines. All the crucial steps of the above-mentioned processes can be accomplished at ease with the aid of after combine harvesters. They provide assistance in harvesting agricultural lands without causing a loss to the rotor loss. It thus helps in saving an ample amount of money and time.

Why aftermarket combine concaves are considered to be the best solution

Farmers, in these days, are switching to aftermarket combine concaves from the old ones in order to save a significant amount of money and time. It has earned a high reputation as one of the most well developed and effective machinery to make the process of agriculture free from hassles. Farmers across the globe have procured significant benefits after using these products. Here are few top reasons why farmers are switching to these machinery on an extensive scale


One of the primary reasons owing to which farmers are using these devices on an extensive scale for harvesting the crops is due to the fact that they are able to yield a huge amount of crop while reducing the loses.

Longer working hours

These agricultural machines can operate for more than 5000 hours with a very fewer maintenance costs.

Better harvesting capacity

Contrary to ordinary agricultural machinery present in the market, these devices have become the prime choice of farmers owing to their high harvesting capacity. The harvesting capacity of such devices is considered to be 30-40% more as compared to the other devices.

There are a wide number of reliable stores from where you can purchase these machineries at reasonable prices, Buy these machines and reduce your hard work.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Harvest More with Our Concaves for Your Combine Harvesters

Combine harvesters are important harvesting machines for agricultural fields. They are the favorite and most essential machines for the farmers. It helps in harvesting variety of grain crops. It also enhances the productivity of farmers. These harvesting machines perform important operations such as reaping, threshing and winnowing into a single process.  Concaves are the important part of the combine harvesters which helps in proper working of the harvesters. It helps the harvester perfectly, in the above three operations without any difficulties.

Concave for combine harvesters are beneficial in many ways. They increase the collection of the grains from the crops without leaving much wastage on the lands. Concave for combine harvesters get rid of farmers most common issue that comes from rotor loss. You can easily harvest on your lands without the rotor loss and get great productivity from the crops you grow.

What Benefits Can a Farmer Get When He Switches to Concave for Their Combine Harvesters?

Farmers will get benefits in a number of ways. Concave for combine harvesters is the best option that will definitely make you happy with your agricultural life. The reasons to use concave for combine harvesters are given below.

• A farmer will have no difficulty in harvesting different crops using one concave only.

• A farmer can harvest from one crop to another easily without wasting his/her time.

• A farmer can get maximum yield with less damage to the crops.

• A farmer will get cleaner crops with concave for combine harvesters.

• A farmer will be satisfied with a full functioning rotor. Rotor loss will no longer be a problem.

• A farmer can harvest his fields at the speed of 1-2 MPH. It will save his time easily.

• A farmer can rest easily as concave for combine harvesters easily cleans the grains from the crops with less waste left on the land.

• A farmer can save tons of money as it is cost-efficient and easy to maintain.

• A farmer will be happy with his/her one-time investment in concave for combine harvesters from ESTES Performance Concaves. The company guarantees that it will work for 20 years efficiently.

• A farmer can work with this device more than any other device due to its 5000+ working hour life.

About ESTES Performance Concaves

ESTES Performance Concaves is a leading industry based on agricultural equipment. The company is keen on providing the best machines and equipments to farmers to increase their productivity in agricultural field. This company was founded in 1995 and has succeeded drastically.

Farmers all over the world have chosen ESTES Performance Concaves for its reputation and professional approach to farmers need and care. Their machines and equipments have been sold worldwide. These products have helped in maintain the rotor productivity without a loss, increased 68% harvest at the fields and have helped in having cleaner threshed stock without any damage to crops or to the lands. The company is keen on providing the best machines and equipments at the most affordable prices.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Buy the Best John Deere Parts Online

If you have a tractor or a combine or other large farm machinery factory-made by John Deere, you're certainly going to need some gear to go with it. The thing is, there's so much to select from that you're exempted if your first reaction is perplexity. Don't panic, we're here to help! One place to go is the online John Deere equipment store. It really has a special section where you can click to find gear for your mechanism - they call it equipment quick find. You can click your way via the categories, like cotton pickers, industrial diesel engines, rotary cutters, irrigation engines and potato shredders, until you search the piece of tool you are searching for. Quite promising you won't have to go any further.

Online buying of equipment for John Deere combine is the best option to select. There's a quite drawback though - cost. Although John Deere may have all the accompaniments you're searching for to add to your mechanism, the official traders aren't precisely cheap. If you need to save money, here's what we propose: Use the curiosities of the web to locate a used, second hand or serviced part instead!

There are numerous websites out there suitable for discovery equipment that still has lots of used left for a portion of the original cost. Online shopping site is the best one choice you can make, but we recommend that you shop around a bit first. Don't relax for the first website you find. Try looking Google using phrases like revamped John Deere equipment or Affordable John Deere parts and see what you come up with. You'll be able to save thousands of dollars.

There is a group of sites out there that will list farm gear for sale or four sale, and many of them also have decent search utilities that help you locate the exact equipment and brand you are searching for. But do your own due industry and search around, and you will search a site you like.The parts come at a significantly inexpensive price than the original. There is much arguments on the importation of such aftermarkets. Most States will not allow for importation of aftermarket John Deere replacement parts. Using these aftermarkets also negotiations on your insurance and guarantee. Your warranty is lost as soon as you fix an aftermarket part onto your combine. So, you need to go with the new parts.

In order to search the best parts, you can go online and make a list of leading websites that offer John Deere Parts at an affordable cost. You need to compare their price and services too. After all verification, you need to proceed online purchase of parts. Most of the time, you will get the best options and price over the web. Moreover, you can also search the best part without wondering in market here and there. So, feel free to go online and search the best John Deere combine parts

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Best Harvester Machine For Agriculture

The harvesting is the simple process of collecting ripe crop from the fields. A harvester is a machine which cuts the crops such as rice, wheat, maize or vegetables. It involves most labor intensive activity in the growing season. The large farms harvesters use the most exclusive farm machinery. The ESTES Performance Concaves is one of the leading companies which manufacture John Deere harvester tools. This machine increases the productivity with a combination of cutting widths; delivery opening and variable draper seeds provide uniform crop flow.  The main features of harvesting machines are given below:

1. This machine is useful for the harvesting of rice and wheat crop. A combine harvester is capable to finish the whole process of rice and wheat harvesting. Harvesting action can be done by four ways:

a. Slice action along with a sharp tool

b. Tearing action with an uneven serrated rim

c. High-velocity single element force with sharp or dull edge

d. Two elements scissors kind action

2. This company launched newly one concave system for all crops thrashing separating issues. With the new system, John Deere harvester has a patented round bar with notch milled in it for restricting the crop flow. Then the bars which are placed open for ensuring more crop flow through the concave system. This will increase the flow up to 68 %.

3. A combine concave plays an important role in the quality of crops both in threshing and separating. The property of this harvester is that it harvests all the crops and reduces rotor loss. It has faster ground speed and there is no need to change concaves. The more attractive features of John Deere Harvester is its low fuel consumption.

4. This company manufacturers RPR concave system through which there is no chance to damage the crops. They made the system of concave the best just like it provides no plugging, less broken cobs, no rotor loss, more capacity and gives a significantly better sample.

5. The harvester restricts flow threshing forces for more grain thrashings. The John Deere Harvester continuously opens to increase capacity that is why grain can be separated easily and quickly. The round bar which uses in machine gives a cleaner thresh of grains.

6. In concave, there are different types of wires and bars are used. The narrow spacing between the wires makes small seeds and grains enables to properly sift through. Case Concaves which are narrow wired are the best for small grains like wheat and barley.

7. The design is similar to narrow wire products that have more spacing among wires to contain larger grains. The bars are generally square-edged and ones with wide wire are for crops like beans and corn. Be careful to set the Concave right or any mistake in settings can damage the threshing cylinder.

Conclusion: You can find this harvesting tool through visiting website. The Concave systems available at this company are made for all type of crops. Their capacity is 30 percent more in comparison to another concave.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Choose The Right Aftermarket Combine Concaves – Choose ESTES

It is every farmer’s need that he maximizes his harvest – a sign of his hard work paying off! Better harvest not only depends on the crop that is sown but the right equipment that is used to harvest the crop. It is imperative that an efficient aftermarket combine concaves are used as part of the harvesting equipment.

Primitively stock round bar concaves were extensively used for harvesting of crops. The disadvantages of utilizing stock round bar concaves are quite significant. Let’s assess the most important of all in the below list:

-    Difficulty in plugging of the stock round bars

-    High rotor loss

-    Unacceptable grain damage

-    Higher fuel consumption

-    Higher costs

The need to combat these damages rose high and culminated with the invention by Don Estes. The ESTES RPR Concave system came into existence and addressed most of the disadvantages that were caused because of the stock round bar concaves.

History behind ESTES RPR Concave system

The first aftermarket combine concaves from Don Estes was invented in the year 1994 and subsequently launched into the commercial market by the year 1995. Farmers were able to see an appreciable rise in their yields due to the fact that corn crops were pulverized better and cleaner crops. Despite higher yields, the rotor loss was still an open challenge to the farmers.

The Rotor Loss Kit released by Don in the year 2010 minimized the rotor losses by 33%. Don went to improve the product and thus came up with RPR Concave system which has almost given the farmers zero rotor loss.

ESTES’ RPR Concave system

The RPR system by Don Estes is one of efficient aftermarket combine concaves for harvesting and is a product which is the result of close to 20 years of research, experience, and testing. The combined system is explained as shown below:

R – Restricted Flow Threshing

P – Progressively Open

R – Round Bar

The RPR system has the following distinctive features attributed to it-

•    Better grain-grain threshing because of the restricted flow threshing mechanism

•    Grains separate faster than they do on other round bar combines due to the progressively open systems

•    Round bars that are exclusively patented to the Estes make prevent plugging and give cleaner thresh

•    RPR aftermarket combine concaves suit all types of crops

•    The ESTES RPR system has addressed all thrashing and separating issues that were earlier reported as problems by the farmers

•    Slower rotor speed gives better crops and almost zero rotor loss

•    Longevity of the combines with an estimated life of 5000 hours

•    Lesser fuel consumption and high savings for the farmers

The invention by Don Estes has gained worldwide recognition and is rated the best among various other aftermarket combine concaves. The reviews for the Estes performance concaves have been positive and Estes guarantees the best performing concaves for your fields. Connect with them to get your quotes today and see better yields on your fields tomorrow with Estes’ aftermarket combine concaves! Choose the best – choose Estes!