Thursday, 8 June 2017

8 Popular John Deere Concaves and Their Features Explained

Crop producers always depend on good quality harvest and to improve daily operations, they prefer employing John Deere concaves to maximize yields. There are many types of combine concaves by JD. Some of the varieties are listed below along with their specifications.

1. The Fan Support Bracket from S series

It eliminates airflow to dead spots in chaffer and provides better air control on JD ‘S’ series for combine shoe. The fan brackets move to position of separator fan, so that the wind settings are easier to adjust.

2. Bottom Sieve Extension from S series  

These are non-adjustable yet can dramatically reduce amount of clean grains that go back through the returns. It also lessens amount of return material and overloading of the return. The same matches to the length of chaffer.

3. Variable Stream Bars from STS series

Reducing white chaps when utilized with Precision Farm Parts concave (that can do without filler plates), the STS series of Variable Stream Bars has high capacity threshing bars for S-690, S-670, and S-680. It is known to lessen the amount of tailing.

It also reduces cylinder speed so that less horsepower is required, which increases fuel efficiency. These John Deere concaves improve ground speed by up to 2 mph and provide better samples in hard to thresh grains.

4. Feed Accelerator/Discharge Beater Of Sts, 9600, 9500, & 8820 Series

This has four-way reversible blades and bears enclosed design that eliminates cleanout for grain varieties. It takes less horsepower and extends pulley life. Doing away with feeder chain stress and broken/burnt drive belts, its staggered blades can smoothly tear bunches apart and uniformly feed the rotor.

5. Removable Feed Lip Of Sts Series

These can be configured to any harvesting conditions. It bolts up so that feed lip and can be moved from a concave to another.

6. Discharge Beater Speed-Up Kit Of Sts Series

It can be installed within 20 to 30 minutes, and allows instantaneous recovery of engine speed after reduction in RPMs.  With Kevlar cord belt and heavy-duty pulley, it can improve the transfer of material from cylinder to straw walkers without any slugging.

It lessens walker loss, straw breakage and chafer loading. The same features are shared by the 9500 & 9600 series — BEATER SPEED-UP KIT, while the John Deere Concaves 8820 series — BEATER SPEED-UP KIT has the ability to optimize straw produce through smaller pulley for the beater.

7. Li’l Brute Concaves Of Sts Series  

It is sturdy and lightweight and does not lose shape even after years of use. Being of heavy duty with half-size concave, it takes six to replace the three OEM concaves. The bolt at the front feed lip and 1/4″ wires assist in switching concaves to extend wear. One can use the extra narrow concaves for controlling white caps. The wire spacing is available in four types of width- narrow, wide, extra narrow and corn.

8. White Cap Kit From Sts Series

Here, the partial and whole heads pass through prior to being threshed. It plugs the crack at rotor’s right hand side where cage and concave meets.