Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Proper Usage Of Sunnybrook Concaves In Harvesters

You may be using a harvester to reap, thresh and collect your crops in your field. The usage of the harvester is definitely helping you to earn more as you have reduced the loss of crop that you used to have previously. You may know that Concaves are used in the harvesters that you use. Do you know the reason for the usage of these Concaves? Let us see why they are used.

There are basically two types of Sunnybrook Concaves that are used. They are used for threshing and separating the crops that you have harvested. 

Usage of bored holes

It is seen that the Concaves have a difference of ¼ inches in tolerance. This is the reason that it may have difficulty while threshing. If the crops that you grow in your field are only grains then you will not face any problem but say you grow wheat you will be facing problem while threshing. The wheat will pass through the holes and they will not be properly threshed. This is the reason why this type of concaves is having bored holes whose diameter is 1/8 inches more than those of the cylinder. By means of having such bored holes the harvester can thrash any type of crop that you grow and no crop is left that needs to be thrashed.

Quality of the Concaves

The quality of this type of Concaves is the best that can be had in the market. They are made sturdy and weighty. The sturdy nature of these Concaves helps them to retain their shape and after multiple usages, they still have the same precision that they had earlier. As they can retain their precision they can be effectively used to harvest any kind of crop that has straws and whose seeds are small. No crop is left to be thrashed and there is no loss in crop collection. This enables you to have more crops that you could sell and earn more.

Separate threshing and separating area

The best Sunnybrook Concaves have separate areas that are used for threshing and separating. The main importance of this feature is that crops that need threshing and those which are already thrashed and needs only separation are not mixed with each other. The area which is used for thrashing is closed and this lets the crops to be rubbed for a longer time giving more yields.

Friday, 20 January 2017

The Reason For The Usage Of Harvesters In Farms

If you are growing different kinds of crops then you must be thinking how to reap them. The best way to reap your crop is by the usage of John Deere harvester. Let us see how this single machine can help you to reap, thresh the crop and winnowing the reaped and threshed crop. 

The methodology of working

When you use the harvester for reaping your crop the wide header that is at the front of the harvesters collects the crop and then the reel pushes the crop onto the cutter blade which again cuts the crop to the base of the machine. The cut crop goes to the drum for threshing. The grains gets separated from the stalk and are collected in separate drums. The grains are then loaded into a moving trailer with the help of a pipe that is attached to the harvester. It is really amazing to watch the harvester work and do the job which would have required many people.

Varieties of harvesters

These harvesters can be used for different crops by doing certain modification. The heads of the harvester are to be changed for different crop and the same harvester can be used to reap different crops. It can be used to reap wheat, rice, soybeans and much more. Not only that the same machine can be used to reap crops in different field terrain. It is really amazing to know that the same machine can be used for so many types of functionality.

The reasons why harvesters should be used

There are various reasons why the harvesters should be used by a farmer. Let us see the various reasons for its usage.

The main reason for its usage is that it helps to decrease the loss incurred and to increase the profit. Previously there used to be rotor loss but nowadays with the introduction of modern equipment for threshing and also for separating has not only reduced the loss but has made it negligible. As the loss of crop is minimized there are more crops which could be sold increasing the profit percentage.

The quality of John Deere harvester is another reason for its usage. The header, the threshing and the separating equipment used in this kind of harvesters are the best that could be had in the market. The types of equipment are such that they can handle any type of difficulty that could be faced by a farmer.

Monday, 16 January 2017

The Method To Choose The Best Harvester

Have you made up your mind to buy a harvester for your farm? If you have then you must know how to buy the best harvester that is fitted with John Deere Concave. Let us see what steps you should follow to buy such a harvester.

Class and capacity of harvester

This is the first consideration that you have to make. Previously with tangential feed cylinders, the capacity of harvesters was less. But after 1977 with the introduction of rotary design which is dependent on axial flow, this has completely changed. Nowadays the capacity of harvesters depends on the power of the engine and the area of cleaning shoe. Higher the power of the harvester higher is the class. You have to know which class of harvester you need depending on the capacity of harvester that you need. This will make you settle for the best that you can have.


Reliability should be your second method of selection. You should purchase a harvester that is made by a reputed company. You must know the pressure under which this machine has to work during the harvesting seasons. If they are not made by reputed company then they will not be able to withstand the pressure of work that they will have to pass through during harvest. You should also make sure that the company is not situated far from your farm. This is needed in case you have any problem with the harvester then the service personnel will be easily available to provide the necessary help. Some reputed companies even have mobile service personnel to help you out. You must make this consideration seriously while trying to purchase the best.

Proper selection of grain header

This should be your next criteria to decide the best that you can have. It should be kept in mind that the capacity of the harvester fitted with john Deere concaves should never be more than the digestion power of the collection header. The harvesting of the crop starts from the front and that is the reason for gathering system to be of such importance. Such as if you use a stripper head then it can easily be seen that it will help you to thrash most of the crops right at the beginning. You should correctly select the header that you need to use in your harvester. The type of header that you can choose from are Auger type, Draper type, Window pick up, Stripper heads and the crop specific heads. The crop specific header should be your right choice as you can change the header depending on the crop that you are harvesting. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How To Get The Best Combine Concaves?

While the purchase of farm as well as development gear remains a costly affair, utilized machines offers a lucrative alternative to the general population. In addition, it helps in lessening the financial weight of individuals. Other than this, the purchase of utilized machinery like bulldozer, harvester, rice planter, crane and utilized tractors has opened new gateways for individuals to carry out fruitful business operations. The greater part of all, the utilized farm machinery offers a valuable alternative to all the general population who require premium quality administration at reasonable ventures. Several traders of Japan guarantee to give branded utilized combine concaves to their remote customers.

How to choose one?

The companies giving utilized machines concentrate on the safety and security of these supplies to make beyond any doubt that their remote customers get totally functional machines. Now and again, the machines are disintegrated and reassembled to incorporate many new and better working parts. In addition, the availability of online as well as disconnected wellsprings of information helps a customer to take the correct choice. It may be real amaze to realize that companies giving utilized machines have been to a great degree popular in both creating as well as created economies across the world.

Search down the Internet

A forthcoming buyer can even visit the websites of these organizations and peruse the available information. This is not just valuable to the customers searching for details related to the features and characteristics of the supplies, additionally helpful for making a decision. Additionally, the potential customers can draw a comparison between the hardware gave by different companies as far as price and quality. So the customers can settle on the most lucrative alternative. Apart from this, a customer can get details about the company by perusing through its profile. This also helps a customer to judge the reliability of an organization. The companies engaged in this business also incorporate transportation arrangements and maintenance services in this way enhancing the comfort of combine concaves for fare purposes.

What do you have to do?

All that you are required to do is select the machine that you think would be the most suitable for your necessities. When you have chosen the utilized tractor from the inventory you simply need to place a request. Everything is very much managed on these destinations. The whole purchase of the utilized tractor or the utilized compact tractor would be made hassles free for you. The companies that claim these websites also give you the most effective after-sales services.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

How To Properly Use The Combine Harvesters?

If you have hired or brought a combine harvester, then you must be eager to know how to use them. You are at the right place just continue reading and you will know how to use the combine harvesters using JD concaves. There are harvesters that are used for harvesting rice and wheat let us see how to operate them so that maximum efficiency is achieved.

This harvester performs every function harvesting to thrashing and cleaning the grains. This all can be done without any human intervention and the time required is dramatically less compared to if done manually.

Starting the harvester

Before you proceed with harvesting the machine should be started and the speed should be set so that the knife of the harvester does not get entangled with the straw.

Choosing the best time

The time plays a factor in harvesting. It is proper to harvest the crops after 9.00 am. The reason for this is that there is less dew and the crops are dry to be harvested. It is also not professional to harvest during or after a rain as this may lead to blocking the harvester and increasing the crop loss.

Adjustment of header

The header of the JD concaves should be properly adjusted. If the heat is high then it is seen that harvesting the small straws are difficult and it may also influence the next sowing. It is advised that in such a condition the header should be lowered but not more than 6 cm otherwise the soil will be cut and damage the knife.

Proper running of the machine

It should be ensured that the harvester is moving in a straight manner while harvesting. Otherwise, it may lead to not harvesting all the crops and leaving them in the field. Another thing to be noted while operating a harvester is that when it had to turn the harvesting should be stopped otherwise the grains may fall off from the truck.

Throttle Valve

The throttle valve should be kept at medium or in an open position while you are harvesting. If this is done while the harvester is leaving the harvesting area it will ensure that the crops are all out.


The harvesters should be properly cleaned of soil or any weeds that are left behind after harvesting. If this is not done properly then it may lead to blocking of the harvester during the next harvest.