Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How Combine harvester Is Helpful In Agriculture?

The most crucial part of the year for a farmer is during the time of harvesting. The intense labor and hard work all adds up to the final step which would be the harvesting of the crops. If you own farm land you must know the importance of a combine harvester. A combine harvester reaps, threshes and winnows the crops all within a single machine. These three activities combined together make up the process of harvesting hence suggesting its name as a Combine harvester.

When the crops are cut by the header fixed in the harvester, the cut crops travel from the header to the thrasher via a conveyor and is fed into the rotating threshing drums. These drums consist of grooved steel bars which are bolted to the other curved surfaces of said drums to form a cylindrical shape. These grooved bars separate the grains and chaff from the straw through this rotating action of the drum against the concave which also consists of steel bars and a meshed grill. The grain and smaller debris fall, whereas the straw, being too long, is carried through onto the straw walkers. This action helps separate the grain from the straw because grains are heavier than the straw, which causes the straw to fall rather than remain stagnant in the concave.

The necessity to have high quality combine parts

The distance between the drum and concave can be finely adjustable, to achieve optimum separation and output. If the thresher or the concave fails to perform the thresher would not be able to separate straw from grain which deteriorated the final goods quality. After the primary separation at the cylinder, the clean grain falls through the concave and to the shaft, which contains various sieves to filter out debris.

With all this frequent use, it is unavoidable to have wear and tear in the machinery. Estes performance concaves offer various combine tractor parts as well as various combine concaves. Having excellent combine harvester parts or combine concave becomes integral to the whole process of harvesting.

Why buying equipment online can be beneficial

If there isn't a quality provider within proximity, equipment can also be ordered online alternatively. The benefits would be

•    Ease of access

•    Vast and detailed information about the product

•    Doorstep delivery.

Buying from which are the manufacturers and distributors gives you a wide collection of combines, combine parts, combine concaves and various aftermarket combine concave products with the additional warranty that you might not get elsewhere.

Aftermarket products

You will purchase equipment based on what you require at the time. However, your requirements may change as your operation needs change, and that means upgrades to your farm machinery. Many Brands make aftermarket combine parts and attachments to upgrade the farm equipment you already have.

These additions include but are not limited to Driven and HID Lights, Toolbox, Accessory Mounting Bracket, Electrical extension and Wiper/Washer Kit and all these come under the category of aftermarket products. Having these farm equipment at hand not only lessens the manual labor but also marginally increases the quality and the productivity of the crops.

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