Thursday, 2 February 2017

How To Use John Deere Concaves For Better Yield?

If you own a farm and feel that you are not getting the maximum yield from the field then it is high time that you use John Deere Concaves. These harvesting machines with the help of their various features help you to maximize the yield and earn more. Let us see how it helps us in this nature.

Combine system for observation

These harvesters are fitted with multicolored cameras which will allow you to see the entire harvesting job that is done by the machine. You will be able to watch

• The grain tank

• Uploading of the sample

By watching this through this system if you find any anomaly you can rectify that without getting out of your seat.

System for separation of crop

These harvesters are fitted with Paddle Beaters. It is seen that they should be used with high inertia cylinders for performing the best operation for crop separation. What this does is unique.

• The paddle helps in stripping

• The tines helps to separate

This combined action gives you more aggressive crop separation. This also ensures that there is no plugging or build up of any unwanted material.

The effectiveness of enclosed cylinder

If you require aggressive processing then you can depend on the enclosed cylinders. They are able to give you this nature of processing as

• They are fully enclosed

• They prevent plugging

• They also prevent vibration.

This will help you to increase the flow of material and let you save money and energy. It is seen that this nature of the harvester is especially useful when the straws are in wet condition.

It helps you in harvesting in rough conditions

There are certain natures of crops whose harvesting is not that easy as others. If you are harvesting rice, beans or any crop that requires a lot of water then the condition of harvesting is not at all favorable. But these harvesters having Rear Rifle Threshing element will help you effectively harvest these natures of the crop without any problem.

The efficient use of Concaves

These harvesters use the Concaves efficiently so that you can harvest different nature of crop using the same machine. The round bar Concaves can be used to harvest corn and soybean so that you get the maximum yield. Whereas the small wire John Deere Concaves can be used for harvesting grains like wheat, barley and other smaller grains.

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