Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Proper Usage Of Sunnybrook Concaves In Harvesters

You may be using a harvester to reap, thresh and collect your crops in your field. The usage of the harvester is definitely helping you to earn more as you have reduced the loss of crop that you used to have previously. You may know that Concaves are used in the harvesters that you use. Do you know the reason for the usage of these Concaves? Let us see why they are used.

There are basically two types of Sunnybrook Concaves that are used. They are used for threshing and separating the crops that you have harvested. 

Usage of bored holes

It is seen that the Concaves have a difference of ¼ inches in tolerance. This is the reason that it may have difficulty while threshing. If the crops that you grow in your field are only grains then you will not face any problem but say you grow wheat you will be facing problem while threshing. The wheat will pass through the holes and they will not be properly threshed. This is the reason why this type of concaves is having bored holes whose diameter is 1/8 inches more than those of the cylinder. By means of having such bored holes the harvester can thrash any type of crop that you grow and no crop is left that needs to be thrashed.

Quality of the Concaves

The quality of this type of Concaves is the best that can be had in the market. They are made sturdy and weighty. The sturdy nature of these Concaves helps them to retain their shape and after multiple usages, they still have the same precision that they had earlier. As they can retain their precision they can be effectively used to harvest any kind of crop that has straws and whose seeds are small. No crop is left to be thrashed and there is no loss in crop collection. This enables you to have more crops that you could sell and earn more.

Separate threshing and separating area

The best Sunnybrook Concaves have separate areas that are used for threshing and separating. The main importance of this feature is that crops that need threshing and those which are already thrashed and needs only separation are not mixed with each other. The area which is used for thrashing is closed and this lets the crops to be rubbed for a longer time giving more yields.

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