Friday, 20 January 2017

The Reason For The Usage Of Harvesters In Farms

If you are growing different kinds of crops then you must be thinking how to reap them. The best way to reap your crop is by the usage of John Deere harvester. Let us see how this single machine can help you to reap, thresh the crop and winnowing the reaped and threshed crop. 

The methodology of working

When you use the harvester for reaping your crop the wide header that is at the front of the harvesters collects the crop and then the reel pushes the crop onto the cutter blade which again cuts the crop to the base of the machine. The cut crop goes to the drum for threshing. The grains gets separated from the stalk and are collected in separate drums. The grains are then loaded into a moving trailer with the help of a pipe that is attached to the harvester. It is really amazing to watch the harvester work and do the job which would have required many people.

Varieties of harvesters

These harvesters can be used for different crops by doing certain modification. The heads of the harvester are to be changed for different crop and the same harvester can be used to reap different crops. It can be used to reap wheat, rice, soybeans and much more. Not only that the same machine can be used to reap crops in different field terrain. It is really amazing to know that the same machine can be used for so many types of functionality.

The reasons why harvesters should be used

There are various reasons why the harvesters should be used by a farmer. Let us see the various reasons for its usage.

The main reason for its usage is that it helps to decrease the loss incurred and to increase the profit. Previously there used to be rotor loss but nowadays with the introduction of modern equipment for threshing and also for separating has not only reduced the loss but has made it negligible. As the loss of crop is minimized there are more crops which could be sold increasing the profit percentage.

The quality of John Deere harvester is another reason for its usage. The header, the threshing and the separating equipment used in this kind of harvesters are the best that could be had in the market. The types of equipment are such that they can handle any type of difficulty that could be faced by a farmer.

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