Monday, 16 January 2017

The Method To Choose The Best Harvester

Have you made up your mind to buy a harvester for your farm? If you have then you must know how to buy the best harvester that is fitted with John Deere Concave. Let us see what steps you should follow to buy such a harvester.

Class and capacity of harvester

This is the first consideration that you have to make. Previously with tangential feed cylinders, the capacity of harvesters was less. But after 1977 with the introduction of rotary design which is dependent on axial flow, this has completely changed. Nowadays the capacity of harvesters depends on the power of the engine and the area of cleaning shoe. Higher the power of the harvester higher is the class. You have to know which class of harvester you need depending on the capacity of harvester that you need. This will make you settle for the best that you can have.


Reliability should be your second method of selection. You should purchase a harvester that is made by a reputed company. You must know the pressure under which this machine has to work during the harvesting seasons. If they are not made by reputed company then they will not be able to withstand the pressure of work that they will have to pass through during harvest. You should also make sure that the company is not situated far from your farm. This is needed in case you have any problem with the harvester then the service personnel will be easily available to provide the necessary help. Some reputed companies even have mobile service personnel to help you out. You must make this consideration seriously while trying to purchase the best.

Proper selection of grain header

This should be your next criteria to decide the best that you can have. It should be kept in mind that the capacity of the harvester fitted with john Deere concaves should never be more than the digestion power of the collection header. The harvesting of the crop starts from the front and that is the reason for gathering system to be of such importance. Such as if you use a stripper head then it can easily be seen that it will help you to thrash most of the crops right at the beginning. You should correctly select the header that you need to use in your harvester. The type of header that you can choose from are Auger type, Draper type, Window pick up, Stripper heads and the crop specific heads. The crop specific header should be your right choice as you can change the header depending on the crop that you are harvesting. 

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